Terms and conditions applicable to the purchase and sale of Work & Chill products.

The consumer will be governed under the present Terms and Conditions, which will be perfected once the price of the merchandise has been covered, accepted and recognized by Work & Chill's payment systems, which will be specified later and once the payment has been verified, Work & Chill will deliver the products selected and paid by the consumer, at the address indicated by the consumer.

II. Age restrictions.

The purchase and sale may only be made by persons who are 18 years of age or older, so that persons under 18 years of age may not make a purchase and sale, but through their parent or legal guardian, or whoever holds the exercise of parental authority, guardianship and custody.

III. Conditions of purchase of the products.

Consumers may only purchase products: (a) that are available for sale and whose details appear in the online store. The disposal for commercial purposes of products purchased outside authorized channels may constitute a criminal offense.

Details of the products available for purchase, including their corresponding price, are specified in the online store.

IV. Methods of payment.

The products listed in the online store work & chill, are offered in the quantities available, with the characteristics of materials, sizes and colors visible at the time of purchase.

V. Transaction of the payment and reservation of the order.

To make a purchase, the consumer must enter the Work & Chill online store, on the site http://www.workandchill.com and select the product(s) he/she wishes to purchase, filling out the corresponding form, which will require some personal information, including an email address to contact the consumer during the purchase process.

VI. Order confirmation and approval process.

The products selected by the consumer will be included in the shopping cart. At the end of the product selection, the consumer must press the "buy now" button to access the order summary page where he/she can identify price, description and quantity of the selected products or correct or modify his/her order.

VII. Product delivery.

At the end of the order summary page, the consumer must press the "Continue" button so that he/she can make the payment of the selected product(s) and Work & Chill can process the purchase and sale of his/her order, which can be done through the payment systems described in the section "Payment Methods".

Once this procedure is completed, Work & Chill, will notify the consumer through the e-mail indicated below, the confirmation of the order of the products.

IV. Methods of Payment

The consumer will be able to pay with his bank card, either credit or debit Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Your bank card will be charged when it has been authorized by the payment processing company and the purchase of the products and prior to the delivery of the products.

Payment by credit and/or debit card is totally secure. The entire transaction is encrypted through an international digital bank validation server PAY - PAL system.

Likewise, the consumer may pay by bank transfer online or in cash, for which the system will show the indications at the time of purchase in accordance with the communication established with the sales department ventas@workandchill.mx.

XI. Products not supplied or incorrectly supplied.

V. Payment Transaction and Order Reservation

In the event that the consumer has made the payment by credit or debit card, Work & Chill will request the authorization from the credit or debit card processing company to charge the total amount of the purchase, which is indicated on the order summary page. If the consumer's credit or debit card is not authorized, the purchase cannot be completed.

The consumer acknowledges and agrees to pay Work & Chill the full amount of the products before the consumer receives the products.

XII. Refunds, exchange and return policies

Work and Chill does not refund money on a purchase.

Changes are subject to conditions and can only be related to the size and color of the purchased model.

To report any anomaly or defect with the product, you have 48 hours to notify by email (ventas@workandchill.com) or WhatsApp +524778810222 by sending photographic evidence and description of the conditions. (Does not apply if it has been intentionally handled, washed, painted or faded).

To make a change, you have 5 business days after the delivery date to request it and notify it via email or WhatsApp to receive shipping instructions. The cost must be covered by the applicant (the costs of the guide are the responsibility of the client: shipping and return). The garment must be in optimal condition: no stains, unwashed and with tags. There are no changes in embroidered models. Once your request is received and the garment is in good condition, you will be followed up

We suggest you check your measurements in the size guide before placing your order.

 VI. Order Confirmation and Approval Process.

Work & Chill will send the consumer a first e-mail confirming receipt of the order of products ("Confirmed Order"), which does not constitute an automatic acceptance of the order by Work & Chill, until Work & Chill receives the authorization regarding payment.

2. Work & Chill will send the consumer a second email once the payment of the total amount of the order of products has been approved. ("Payment Confirmation").

3. The consumer will receive a third email from Work & Chill, confirming that the products he/she has ordered have been shipped ("Order Shipped").

VII. Product Delivery.

Once the consumer receives the email "Order Sent", Work & Chill through the courier company designated to a third party, will deliver your order within the deadlines established by the subcontracted company, for which the courier company will make 3 (three) delivery attempts.

If the consumer wishes to track the shipment of his order, he will be able to track it by means of the tracking number that will be provided through the e-mail "Order sent", which comes from the subcontracted courier company.

All deliveries will be accompanied by an acknowledgement of receipt. Delivery times will be determined by the subcontracted parcel delivery company, upon receipt by the consumer of the "Order Shipped" email.

In the event that the consumer does not receive the delivery of his order within the period mentioned in the previous paragraph, he should contact the Customer Service area by dialing the e-mail ventas@workandchill.mx in order to verify the status of his order, for which he will be asked to provide the order number of his order so that the Customer Service area notifies him via e-mail or telephone the status of the delivery.

The notification regarding the status of your order will be made no later than 1 (one) business day after the consumer contacted us to verify the status of your order.

Work & Chill will not be directly responsible in case the delivery term is not fulfilled when the non-compliance in the delivery term is originated by circumstances of fortuitous event or force majeure or the consumer is not located at his address. Work & Chill will inform the consumer, within 6 (six) working days of becoming aware of the fortuitous event or force majeure that makes it impossible to comply with such delivery, of the delay or impossibility of compliance.

 VIII. General rules for returns and types of returns.

We do not accept returns for size unless it is a manufacturing defect or shipping mistake by Work And Chill.

We are not responsible for any damage caused by subcontracted shipping companies.

IX. Rescission of purchase and sale.

A breach of this contract, either by Work & Chill or by the consumer, will be considered as a resolutive condition for the validity of this contract. Only after such breach has become an uncured breach by Work & Chill and in the event that the consumer does not accept the action to cure such breach, this contract may be terminated automatically at the consumer's discretion, without the need for prior judicial resolution and without any liability whatsoever.

Work & Chill states that since the products offered through the online store are for purchase and sale by the consumer as the final recipient, the consumer may not purchase them in order to resell and / or market them for profit, so that in case of detecting this behavior by the consumer, Work & Chill may proceed according to the legal actions that assist him.

In case the credit or debit card processing company does not authorize the payment of the purchase price, because the card could be reported as fraudulent and/or stolen or without solvency for the acquisition of the products, the purchase will not be carried out, and this situation will be communicated through an email to the consumer, where this reason is expressed.

X. Contact Information.

The consumer can send their claims, questions and/or complaints in writing about the conclusion of the contract or its performance, to the Customer Service address through ventas@workandchill.mx claims.

If the consumer wishes to express a verbal complaint about the conclusion of the contract or its performance, he/she may call Customer Service at +52 (477) 1375069.

Work & Chill will respond to the consumer within a maximum period of 48 (forty-eight) hours from the receipt of the claim, questions and/or complaints.

XI. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction.

1. These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Mexico, without reference to its conflict of law provisions. The Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor) has administrative jurisdiction to resolve disputes arising out of the performance of this agreement under the terms and in the cases provided by the Federal Consumer Protection Law. This contract or the fulfillment of the Terms and Conditions, will be resolved exclusively by a competent court located in Mexico, which will constitute the sole venue for any dispute. If any part of this agreement shall be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, such part shall be severed and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

2. Work & Chill may modify these Terms and Conditions by updating this publication and prior to its corresponding registration and authorization by the Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor.

3. Work & Chill may terminate this contract early, in accordance with the provisions of section IX Termination of Purchase and Sale" without liability and without the need for prior judicial resolution.

XII. Privacy.

Work & Chill will collect personal data from consumers at the time of making the purchase and sale process, to verify the use and treatment of the same, the consumer may consult the Privacy Policy.